Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Game Day: Salem State

Here was our conference game against Salem State where everyone was able to get in the game and show what they had. It was an impressive showing from trop to bottom.

Game Day: FDU

I have been late on the game day updates because we have tried to do soemthing new with game film and personal film. Liam Murphy has done a wonderful job editing these videos. We hope you enjoy and a few more are coming very shortly.

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Long lost video

A few weeks back we put on a clinic for a local youth lacrosse group. We had kids raging from 6-12 year olds. At the end of the clinic junior midfielder Mike Devine and junior attack Trevor Morrissette put on a shooting competition and let the campers decide who won. The video of this competition was lost then through intensive investigating journalism it was found.

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Game Day: Wesleyan

Since the game this weekend we have been healing up and are starting to have a full roster once again. This past weekend we lost to our conference rivals Keene State 7-6. It was a tough game on both sides of the field. We had some communication lapses on the defense, we didn't finish our chances on offense, and we were not clearing the ball efficiently. Having those three happen in one game is not State Style lacrosse and will not win many games. The positive thing about those three things is they are fixable and everyone understands their role to make that happen. We have all used this loss to fuel our fire not put it out. We have been clicking more each day and hope to improve our showing with a win against Wesleyan tonight. They have been known to run a tough zone defense but with some tweaks to our offense it doesn't look to be unbeatable. We are playing tonight at 7:00pm at the Mansfield Complex. We hope to see everyone there routing us on as we face against a tough NESCAC opponent.

*Shout out to Blake Smaldone for his impressive showings in his first two collegiate starts. With 6 saves in his first start, first win against conference opponent Salem State, and an amazing 17 saves against conference rival Keene State. Leaves us holding our breath as he runs down the field but seems to have a good vision of the field and so far hasn't been "that guy." Keep up the good work, and keep standing on your head.

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Brothers Of Eastern Lacrosse

         On our 45 man roster we are becoming a close nit family. However some are more genetically close then others. We have 3 “legacy” families on our team. We have the Gillotti’s consisting of junior midfielder Mike and freshman goalie Brendan. Then there is the duo of senior goalie Drew Dean and freshman midfielder Angus Dean. Then finally we have senior midfielder Kevin Fechtmann and freshman attack Sean Fechtmann.
 Are you excited to play with Sean? I'm definitely excited to play with Sean this year. My brother Brian played lacrosse here for 4 years (08-11) and I got the chance to play with him for two years and that experience really helped me become the type of player I am today. 
Did Sean come here because of you and Brian? I can't take full credit for Sean choosing Eastern because after going to every weekend game for the last 5 years to watch either Brian or I play I'm sure this place started to grow on Sean. Also he probably didn't want to be "that guy" that broke tradition.  
Any last thoughts? Because of our age difference I've never been able to play with Sean in either high school or college so far and I'm sure it will be a great year. Coach Axel is a very family oriented man and always takes time after the game to talk to all the parents. My junior/senior years of HS I had the chance to talk to coach after my older brother's games and that definitely drove me to come here and I'm sure the same thing happened with Sean as well.
What other colleges did you look at? I was looking at SUNY Farmingdale and SUNY Plattsburgh.
Why Eastern? I chose eastern because 2 of my brothers before me came here and both loved it.
 Have you played with your brothers before? I have never had the chance to play with Kevin on the lacrosse field in the past but watching him play I knew it would be a great experience. Kevin is a great leader and always helps me to become a better player and teammate. I enjoy playing the game my whole family grew up playing along side my older brother and hope to one day play and lead like he has.
Are you excited to play with Angus? I really enjoy having Angus here at Eastern and on our team.  We got to play together (hockey and lacrosse) for a year in high school and it went way to fast.  We started playing together again this past summer with Shocker, and the experience has been great.  
Did he choose Eastern because you were on the team?  I believe Angus chose Eastern not just because I was on the team but our other brother Aiden is here as well.
Are you guy’s closer because you've played together? We are very close; we share a lot of the same interests and like to do the same kind of things.  As far as lacrosse goes, he's helped me improve a number of ways.  I appreciate Angus putting in the extra hours with me outside of practice, and I truly value the opinions and advice he offers.  Having played with him this year will be the best memory I take away from Eastern Lacrosse.
Were you looking anywhere else?  I had the choice between Eastern, Stonehill College, an Assumption College, and I found Eastern to be the right fit
Why did you choose Eastern? I chose eastern because it provides me with great academics along with an environment to succeed in.
Have you played with Drew Before? I had the chance to play hockey and lacrosse with him in high school and I am just glad that I get to go through that experience again. Eastern is a great school both academically and athletically and I am glad I get to share that experience with him

Are you excited to play with Brendan? I am extremely excited to play with him; I’ve been looking forward to it for years
Why do you think Brendan Chose Eastern? I might have had a little influence on his decision be he really likes Coach Axel as do my parents.
Have you guys played together before? We have played together since youth all the way through high school. It adds another special aspect to the game and I thoroughly enjoy playing with him.
Why did you choose Eastern? I chose eastern because it had everything I was looking for in a school great education in my major, great lacrosse and just an all-around nice campus.
Do you like playing with Mike? I think it's awesome that I get the opportunity to play with my older brother. I enjoy having him on the team and doing something we both love together. I was lucky to have had the chance to play with my brother for two years in high school before he graduated

Friday, March 22, 2013

Fallen Warrior

        We have a culture on our team that bonds us all together as a family. I believe once a warrior always a warrior. This past Monday a member of my freshman warrior class passed away. His name was Roger Muchnick. He played here at Eastern in 2009 before he left school and joined the Marines. He was the type of kid that no matter how bad my day was going I could go back to the dorm, hang out with him for 5 minutes and be in the best mood with no worries on my mind. Many people have fond memories of Roger and here are a few from some of the players that played with him that year.
          Michael Sullinger another member of our freshman warrior class says, "He was an outgoing, fun loving guy who always had a smile on his face. He never worried about the small stuff and tried to share that idea with everyone."Kyle Savage was a senior captain our freshman year and had this to say about Roger, "Roger was the ultimate team player. When he first came in as a freshman, everyone gravitated towards him. He always had a smile on, cracking jokes, and finding the fun in every and any situation. It made being around him truly enjoyable. He had the unique ability to bring out the fun in even the most grueling practices and situations. A piece of Roger will always be in the hearts of all us alumni who had the honor of playing alongside him." He was a true friend and an astonishing lacrosse player. He will be missed by all that knew him and those future warriors will always know, for we will pay tribute to him by having his number on the back of our helmets. Below is the link of the accident so you can further read about Roger and the other fallen heroes.

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Game Day: Gordon

On March 2nd we took on Gordon College for our home opener and I had Mike Dellano follow the team around and show what we do to get ready for games. Here is the video that Liam Murphy put together of that footage.

Today we take on Amherst College at Amherst, Massachusetts at 4:30pm. Our record is 1-3 however, we are still feeling very strong about our season and are looking forward to our game today. Senior Defenseman Conor Helberg said, "The past few games do not depict who we are as a team." I would have to agree with him and add we are still early in our season and have full faith we can pull it together and have a memorable season where great things are achieved.